The Blessing of God Ministry, Inc - The Call of Chief-Apostle V
   The Blessing of God Ministry, Inc          - "BLESSED FOR THE PERFECTING OF THE SAINTS"
The Call
In intercession and prayer on December 21, 1999, the hand of God wrote something in my forehead. It referred me back to Mary the prostitute who was going to be stone because of her infidelities. Jesus wrote something on the ground that man has not interpreted yet, neither have I. He (Jesus) looked up and said "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her" John 8:7...I am not here to convince you that the Spirit of God called me, I am giving you this information to let you know of the call He has placed on my life.
Galatians 3: 28-29
1 Timothy 2:7
2 Timothy 2:15
Proverbs 10:22
Mandate from the "Spirit" Of God - Teach the people of God correctly and not ask them to join any Church or Ministry. The Holy Spirit will draw them to you. It will then be up to them to heed the drawing of them to be taught correctly (2 Peter 3:9). "I will do the work in them saith the Spirit of God sothere will not be an excuse when they face judgment saying that they did not know." 
December 22, 1999                                            TheBOGMbecame effective
November 12, 2000                             Ordained as Minister/Spirit of Truth
November 14, 2001                             Ordained as Teacher/Spirit of Truth
December 09, 2001                         Ordained/Licensed as Pastor of BOGM
                                                                Apostle Franklin Mills/Crown of Life
May 10, 2004                                          Men & Women Institute Levels 1-5
                                                                                             Apostle Carol Price
July 05, 2004                                   Bachelor Degree - Pastoral Counseling
                                                                                          DD Douglas Hickman
June 18, 2006                              The call from the Spirit of God to become
                                                                                                            an Apostle
December 22, 2006                  Ordained as Pastor of The Mission of Hope
                                                                     Evangelist Evelyn Pennington
January 19, 2008                                                   Confirmed as an Apostle
August 09, 2008                                           School of the Prophets Birthed
                                                    May 10, 2011    
       Received from the Spirit of Christ the call of Chief Apostleship

                                                    December  8, 2014
                                 Received Honorary Doctor of Divinity
                                          Los Angeles Bible Institute
CHIEF APOSTLE Vivian Benjamin
Wilmington, NC
YAHWEH School of the Apostles
Dr. Vivian Benjamin
Wilmington, NC
APOSTLE Franklin Mills
Greensboro, NC
Apostolic & Prophetic School of the Prophets Inc
Apostle Carol Prince
Charlotte, NC
Mission of Hope Outreach Ministry Inc
EVANGELIST Evelyn Pennington
Charlotte, NC

Doctor of Divinity
Bible Institute
Los Angeles, CA

Yeshua School of the Prophets and General Studies
Affiliated with Piedmont College of Theology
Pastor Dr. Zach Sizemore
China Grove, N. C.