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  Confirmed December 31, 2011

Welcome to The Blessing of God Ministry website. We hope that you will be encouraged by this website and to feel free to click on the above links to view and contact us with any questions you may have. The Blessing of God Ministry functions as the Book of Acts and all 7-fold governmental ascension gift ministries Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, Teacher, Administration and the ministry of Helps. It is a teaching ministry so that we may be perfected in our vocations without question as to who we are in Christ. We deal strictly on truth to set us free from all bondage's. The Spirit of Truth is relevant in The Blessing of God Ministry. If you do not want to change to be in "God's favor" this ministry is not for YOU!


No one's spiritual strength is better than the other. Once you're able to identify your spiritual strengths, you will be able to look to developing that strength to enable you to progress along your spiritual pathway. 

CLAIR-AUDIENCE (Clear Hearing) are individuals who possess inspiration through thoughts in their heads (inner seeing) as their main spiritual strength. Those with this ability are born leaders, and have a tendency to want to forge ahead. Clair audience people like to be in charge, they like things short and sweet, they are good at helping others with their spiritual growth, overcome obstacles through persistence, respect themselves and others, calls a spade a spade.

CLAIR-SENTIENT (Clear Feeling) are individuals who are sensitive to others feelings. They are great at understanding how a person feels and tends to work in areas that are service oriented. Clair sentient healers are known as intuitive, serene and unassuming, and able to tell when someone is upset. They are deeply intellectual by putting others before themselves, generous to a fault, and find abundance in simple things.

CLAIR-VOYANCE (Inner Seers) are visual people. They learn best by being visually stimulated rather than through hearing and touch. They use this unique ability to view life from another person's point of view. Clairvoyance people sees outside of the box for creative answers. They are good at organizing things, able to lead people to successes, has a thirst for knowledge and may see colors or aura's around people.  

CLAIR-COGNIZANCE (Clear Knowing) is the ability to just know something about logic or facts. This ability can also come in the form of intuitive thoughts that can pop into your head at random.