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 (Chief-Apostle)                            Confirmed December 31, 2011

Welcome to The Blessing of God Ministry website. We hope that you will be encouraged by this website and to feel free to click on the above links to view and contact us with any questions you may have. The Blessing of God Ministry functions as the Book of Acts and all 7-fold governmental ascension gift ministries Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, Teacher, Administration and the ministry of Helps. It is a teaching ministry so that we may be perfected in our vocations without question as to who we are in Christ. We deal strictly on truth to set us free from all bondages. The Spirit of Truth is relevant in The Blessing of God Ministry. If you do not want to change to be in "God's favor" this ministry is not for YOU!
SPRING TIME (Youth) - is a time of rapid and exciting growth. It is a time when there is freshness in our souls that is invigorating. Our spiritual senses are alive; there is a spiritual fragrance that awakens us to the glory of God, the wonder of His love and grace, and the willingness to love and forgive. Spiritual spring times are times we grasp the wonder of both the depths of our unworthiness and the heights of God's grace. In a more traditional language, spring time of the soul are experiences of personal revival and renewal. We receive a new nature; the Son shine upon us with His love, kindness, forgiveness, mercy and grace. We learn to be a child of God by giving, being a servant, grateful and thankful.
SUMMER TIME (Adulthood) - brings spiritual productivity, growth and service. We step out in "faith" and do the will of God our Father. We pray asking God to direct and lead us. We pray for others and share our faith with them. We are ACTIVE. The more we give of ourselves, the more we grow. We bear much fruit for the Kingdom of God.
AUTUMN (the golden years of life) - pleasant times enjoying the produce of our spiritual summers. It is a time to reflect on the spiritual harvest that we participate in by virtue of the summer times of the soul. Once there was a spiritual zeal in the autumns of the soul but now there is a deepening passivity, a slowing down, a resting.
WINTER (spiritual death) - it is generally a spiritual time of coldness, productivity stops, our spirits become inert and there is little passion to get moving again. Sometimes in the spiritual winters of our lives, we just feel as if we have given and given and it's high time someone else do the giving for a while. In the darkness of sin, we are born with a fallen nature. We are selfish and self-centered. Our wants and needs are more important than the needs of others. Our lives center on our wants, desires, families, hopes and our dreams. The winter soul is more about "ME" we are our own "GOD". We worship at the altar of "SELF".